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Sustainable Fisheries

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In the Bolivian Amazon, thousands of families depend on fisheries, especially indigenous peoples and rural communities. Fishing for the paiche (Arapaima gigas), an introduced species, has become a socioeconomic alternative in recent years, and contributes to subsistence for many indigenous fishers.

In support of sustainable development, Peces para la Vida II conducts technical and social studies to optimize management practices for this species. The project aims to scale-up these management capacities into additional indigenous communities across Bolivia’s Northern Amazon region. Additionally, the project is contributing to building a supportive environment for improved fisheries governance, considering all actors in the region.

The Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Law is Enacted

The PPV I & II projects contributed to the participative formulation of this law, and are now assisting in publicizing it in coordination with Bolivia’s Legislative Assembly. This historic advance will help regulate and manage the fisheries and aquaculture resources.

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Fisheries organizations from the Northern Amazon legalize their fishing and commercial activities

The legal status of fishing in the Bolivian Northern Amazon is uncertain. One of the goals of the Federation of Fishers, Vendors and Fish Farmers of the Northern Amazon of Bolivia (FEUPECOPINAB) - was to legalize the status of its member associations to improve their economic potential and visibility. PPV has offered legal technical…

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Fisheries: a livelihood in indigenous communities

A field survey of 4 Indigenous Territories (TCOs) in Bolivia’s northern Amazon show that commercial and subsistence Fisheries for Arapaima (paiche) and native fish species offer opportunities for communities and indigenous families but that these are differentially accessible and important.

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Fisheries Law: Key tool for the Fisheries activity and sustainable use of resources

Over the last semester, the Autonomous Departmental Service for Agriculture (SEDAG) organized three large participatory workshops between fishers, traders, and public and private authorities, to analyze, update, supplement and amend the existing, over 20-year old, Fisheries and Marketing Regulation for fish species in the Department of…

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Fisheries in indigenous and rural communities

In Cachuela Esperanza, Rosario del Yata and 10 communities distributed in four indigenous territories (TCO), the Amazon Fish for Food team (Peces para la Vida II) completed research to characterize the fishery and its importance for these communities.

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