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Creating Shared Values with Fishing: A Good Deal for All!

The creation of shared values is one of the pillars of the “Business Models” implemented by PPV II and informed by a technical exchange with VanCity Credit Union in Canada. Shared value focuses on identifying and strengthening the links between social and financial components of local economies, creating economic value through reinforced soc…

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Second Gathering of Aquaculture Leaders for Women to “Exercise our Economic Rights”

A second gathering of aquaculture leaders was held to foster the effective role of women in the fish farming sector.

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Developing national quality standards for fish products

PPVII has been working closely with the National Service of Agricultural Health and Food Safety (SENASAG) in the participatory development of their technical regulation: “Sanitary Requirements for the Handling, Processing, Transportation and Commercialization of Fish and Its Products”.

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Amazon Fish for Food: Canada helps in Scaling Up!

The Amazon Fish for Food Project (Peces para la Vida II), now in its 2nd of 3 years, proposes to scale-up and strengthen fishing and aquaculture-based livelihoods and their Integrated Production Complexes in Bolivia. The project focuses on two main scaling-up models:

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Increasing visibility and recognition of the work of women in fish farming

As part of its gender strategy, the Amazon Fish for Food Project held the first meeting of male and female fish-farming leaders to look at the role of women in fish farming.

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