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Libro de resumenes Simposio acuicultura

Bolivia has a significant fisheries and aquaculture potential, but still is one of the counteries with lowest fish consumption (aprox. 3 kg per capita). Within this framework and challenge, the objective of the II International Symposium for Aquaculture had the objective to sistematize the new tendencies in aquaculture, from different viewpoints (respectively local fish farmers, and national/international scientists), with the ultimate goal to consolidate this activitity in Bolivia. The Symposium had different thematic : "Integrated Aquaculture in the framework of the "Living well" politics, "Aquatic biodiversity", "Innovation in Äquaculture Technology", "Polícies, Programs and Projects", y "Fish Farming and climate change". The book reflects the diversity of presentations by the different speakers from the Fish for Food Projectd, the Aquaculture graduate program of the Quechua University of Chimore (UNIBOL), the Autonomous University Gabriel Moreno of Santa Cruz, the San Simón University of Cochabamba, IRD, the Binational Authority of Lago Titicaca, Hoyam-Mojos, amongst others.

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Libro de resumenes Simposio acuicultura

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