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The aquaculture sector in the Bolivian Amazon has great potential to provide quality products, meet the domestic demand, and double its production in the coming years. As a productive activity, fish farming offers an economic opportunity for families in poverty dealing with food insecurity.
By accompanying the growth of the sector, Peces para la Vida II supports small-scale family-based aquaculture through its focus on the leadership of women, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The project disseminates technical and social innovations and strengthens the productive organizations.

Geoportal: Assessing the suitability and risks for fish farming in the Bolivian Amazon

Over the last year, the Project has developed a predictive mapping model for suitability and risks of aquaculture of pacú or tambaquí fish, with a resolution to the municipal level.

Baseline: the reality of the fish farming sector

The baseline study in the Project's five key municipalities of work (Yapacani, San Carlos, San Juan, Puerto Villarroel and Entre Rios) has characterized the current state of aquaculture (fish farming) in this area and provided information for defining strategies for the sector's development and sustainable growth. The results show that…

Climatic risks for fish farming in the Bolivian Amazon

Public stakeholders, financial agencies and producers are interested in identifying success and/or risk factors to plan for the development of fish farming in specific areas. Using geographic tools (GIS), the Peces para la Vida II Project assessed and mapped factors affecting aquaculture potential and risks, including climate - related …

“Your water is your gold”, says expert in fish farming

During his visit to Bolivia from January 10 to 31, 2016, Dr. Luiz Eduardo de Freitas, an expert in fish food and nutrition from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) emphasized the importance of water management and good fish feed.

Stories of Success: In my own words

Improving families’ quality of life thanks to fish farming: PPVII supports women entrepreneurs. Listen to their story. What talent!

Critical Internal Factors in Tropical Aquaculture

The first few months of the Peces para la Vida II project were successful in identifying the main critical factors impeding fish farming in the tropical areas of Bolivia centred in Yapacani. The proposed solutions will be validated locally in the context of each of the fish-farming regions.

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