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Access to financial services remains a major obstacle for the development of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. To overcome this, Peces para la Vida II builds appropriate support mechanisms for small-scale entrepreneurial development, including microcredit finance that reaches female and male producers.

Financing is Scaled Up for Fish Production

Since the Project’s inception, CIDRE has offered its financial services to help scale up the fishing and fish farming industries in Bolivia, focusing not only on pacú production and paiche fishing, but also on the production and consumption of other fish species.

Public-Private Consultation is a Key Tool for Productive Development

Since the 1990s, a set of financial services has been promoted to strengthen the productive sectors in Bolivia, in particular, the agricultural sector, which plays a significant role in national food security.

CESO and Canada’s VanCity assist CIDRE’s development as a Bolivian Bank

The relationship between CIDRE and Canadian institutions was further strengthened through a strategic agreement between CIDRE and the Canadian Overseas Executive Service (CESO-SACO), resulting out of contacts from CIDRE’s participation in a PPVII technical visit to Canada in 2015.

“Development agents” in the financial system are key in linking banking with economic stakeholders

In February 2017, two senior executives from CIDRE attended a meeting on Best Practices with Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BdN), to search for ways to improve access to CIDRE’s services.

Financial innovations for fisheries and aquaculture

Under the Amazon Fish for Food Project, CIDRE IDF tests new financial products to support the fishing and aquaculture sectors. To address the challenge of scaling up production of fish from the fisheries and aquaculture sectors, CIDRE IFD identified the need to innovate and develop new financial services. The organization has assumed the…

Credits applied to fisheries in Riberalta

CIDRE has increased lending within the fisheries sector, since March 2016, thanks to the efforts of its new Riberalta agency. To date, under the Amazon Fish for Food Project, CIDRE has managed to allocate 95% of its projected portfolio to the freshwater fisheries sector, with $ 236, 017 USD allocated to 39 lending operations.

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