Second Gathering of Aquaculture Leaders for Women to “Exercise our Economic Rights”

Second Gathering of Aquaculture Leaders for Women  to “Exercise our Economic Rights”

A second gathering of aquaculture leaders was held to foster the effective role of women in the fish farming sector.
This gathering encouraged participants to develop management plans that facilitate the economic empowerment and capacity of women in their organizations and strengthen the development of fish farming in their communities. The meeting, held in Yapacani on Feb. 27-28, 2017, was attended by 25 women and 24 men, representing 14 producer organizations from the municipalities of Yapacaní, San Carlos, Entre Ríos and Puerto Villarroel.
The representatives from the organizations improved their awareness about these themes after conducting an exercise on rights and reflecting on how to promote equitable participation of men and women in their organizations, how to increase capacity and participation in decision-making positions, and how to improve the effective participation and voice of women. Participants developed a plan to strengthen their organizations in three key management areas: governance, production, and commerce. These activities will continue to be supported by PPVII and the Network of Local Technical Aquaculture Assistants, who have also been trained in these themes. Over the next few months, PPVII team will monitor these associations in the hopes of seeing specific improvements and positive change.

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